Great Moments in English

-- Updated 9/14/09

As most of you know, I’m obsessed with grammar and the English language in general. I have several posts on this blog about how people butcher this fine language of ours. I also have the GrammarBlog. Instead of continuing to post randomly as I hear these gems, I’ve decided to compile them on one page that I will update as I get new ones.

Please enjoy, and feel free to post your own observations.

(NB: entries in blue font are new entries as of date in the page title.)

Albatross Albacore “It was like having an albacore around my neck.”
Anticlimactic Anticlimatic “The ending was quite a let-down. It was rather anticlimatic."
Ask Axe “Let me axe you a question.”
Cognizant Cogniss of “We need to be cogniss of what’s going on.”
Delusional Dislusional "You are fooling yourself. You're completely dislusional."
Eclectic Ekalectic “I read lots of things, I have a ekalectic reading list.”
Electronic Electronical “This is an electronical exhibit. It's very cool.”
Enlarge Enlargen “ need to enlargen their numbers...”
Fine-tooth comb Fine tooth and comb “We will look over this letter with a fine tooth and comb.”
Fiscal Physical “This is money for physical year 2005.”
Formulaic Formulatic “Since we've done this before, we can be formulatic about it this time.”
Hindsight is twenty-twenty Hindsight isn't twenty-twenty “What can you do? You made your decision with the information you had. But, hindsight isn't twenty-twenty.”
Implementation Impamatation “Here is our company’s impamatation plan.”
Inseparable Inseptable “We're always together; we're inseptable
Intents Intensive “For all intensive purposes…”
Clunker Cunkler “Did you hear about Mr. Obama's new program: Cash for Cunklers?"
Cushy Cushion “You get paid to do that? Wow! You have a cushion job."
Legislative Legilsative “The Legilsative branch is composed of both Houses of Congress.”
Library Lie-berry “I have to go and return some books to the lie-berry this evening.”
Moot My noot “We fixed the problem, so your concern is my noot at this point.”
Nth Tenth “She did it to the tenth degree."
Pedantic Pandantic “You sound so pandantic when you say things like that.”
Principle Principality “He was only doing it for the principality of the matter.”
Specific Pacific “Can you please be more pacific in your instructions? I don’t want to miss anything.”