December 2012

Hair Cut

12 December 2012
19:48 EST (-05:00 GMT)

I cut my hair today. I realize this is not really all that profound of a statement; however, if you read my previous post (which I'm sure you have), you would understand it's been quite a while since I last cut my hair. In fact, it's been about 2 years and 2 months. Because you are welcome to read my previous post, I won't go into the details here in this post. Suffice it to say that I finally reached the length of 10" and was able to accomplish my goal to donate it to Locks of Love.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I was surprised about the amount of sacrifice I would have to make. I knew I would look scruffy for a while and that I would get gibed for my apparent love of 1970s shag hairstyles. I knew I would feel awkward and uncomfortable since I'm not particularly a big fan of men with ponytails. I also knew I would have to deal with condescending remarks from the more conservative folks with whom I work and otherwise associate. But I really wasn’t prepared for all the sacrifices I would make.

For instance, I had some job interviews during the past two years, and even though several gave me second interviews, ultimately I didn't get any of them. I admit that it's entirely possible I just wasn’t a right fit for them; but, for at least one of them, there is no doubt it was the hair. I had a great phone interview and that evening they sent me an email asking if I could come in the next day. I was super excited, and dutifully showed up on time and looked as best I could. My hair was washed and neatly pulled back into a tight ponytail. I thought it was a great interview. I nailed all their questions and confidently demonstrated how I was an ideal candidate for the position. Sadly, I never heard back from them. Nothing. Nada. Nil. Garnisht.

It's OK. That's all part of sacrificing, right? If it were easy to do and had no hardship attached to it, there wouldn't be much point, would there? I mean, what holds everyone back from donating their hair or their time?

On the flip side, it was a lot of fun (in retrospect of course). I learned all about conditioners, humidity, wind, and a bunch of other things that guys should never need to worry about it. I got called "Ms." several times, which a guy should never have to deal with. I won the admiration of a great many people. I found out there are a ton of great folks out there who also donated their hair for a great cause. And, I discovered that there are a boatload of men at NASA who are follicularly challenged. We can't all have hair like Fabio.

I am saddened that there are so many people out there who wouldn't hire someone highly qualified just because he looked like he stepped out of a headbanger music video. But, I'm back to Catholic schoolboy look, so let the next round of interviews begin!

Overall, with or without the missed opportunities, I have to say that it was totally worthwhile and I don't regret the 2-year, 2-month commitment. I feel really good about myself for having done it, and I highly recommend that everyone who can do it. It's for a really great cause, and if you have it, you should share it. For more information, check out Locks of Love's website.

Everyone asks if I'll do it again. It's a tough question. On the one hand, it was really easy, so why not. On the other hand, it was incredibly difficult: As I tweeted on Twitter today, "Hey @LocksLove, after about 790 bad hair days, I give you 10". Please make a child happy. Thank you."